What is meditation

An approach and discipline to still the mind and achieve an experience of being in the Here and Now, where the mind does not reign.


By just being Aware, by just sitting, just ‘listening’ to what we experience in and around us in terms of thinking, feelings and emotions and in our physical and energy body. No control, no manipulation, just listening, experiencing by being aware of ‘What Is’ in the ‘Here and Now’. No ‘resistance’, just ‘Acceptance’ of ‘What Is’!


Stress relief

Thinking creates stress. Thinking is about the Past and Future. We like or dislike our Past and we hope and fear for the Future.

These are continuous repetitive obsessive ctivities and worries that create stress continuously. When we are in the Here and Now, our mind is still and in Peace. The mind, thinking, has no place in the Here and Now. Stress accumulated day by day, year by year, creates mental and physical illness. To prevent such accumulation, we must clean our built up stress on a day-by-day basis. Same as for washing our hands daily to keep them clean. o deal with such accumulation, we can clean out built up stress as well as prevent further build up by meditation on a day-to-day basis.


Spiritual understanding

We all have that basic question: ‘Who Am I’. We are not just ‘our thinking’, ‘our body’, ‘our feelings/emotions’.  We are not just ‘our Ego’, ‘our Personality, we are more than that. So what is it that we are? To begin to understand ‘Who or what we are’, we have to reach beyond our mind into the realm of Stillness, Peace and Awareness. We can do so by meditation, by being Aware and becoming Awareness.

A weekly Guided Meditation Group in Dripping Springs, TX will be starting early 2017.

Time and day is still to be decided


Prison Meditation

Inside Prison Meditation

Gert Johan facilitates a weekly meditation group for inmates at the Travis County Jail at Del Valle

Outside Prison Meditation

Gert Johan facilitates a separate weekly meditation group in Austin for ex-inmates after their release. For more information, please visit Outside Meditation.